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An excellent chance to meet the Latte Maremma’s Cow

The communication campaign of the new image of Latte Maremma keeps on throughout Tuscany, presenting itself directly to the consumer.

Between February and May 2020, over 50 days are planned in many mass retail stores, among others of Coop, Conad and Pam, with the aim of spreading the new image, explaining the reasons and making Latte Maremma products taste to those who still don’t know them.

Indeed, by purchasing a litre of Latte Maremma on the day of the promotion, you will immediately receive a package of Panna Latte Maremma as a gift.

Banchetto Latte Maremma

So, if you see a booth with the Kicking Cow logotype, don’t miss it!

The hostesses are waiting for you and they will be more than happy to tell you how that cow is one of ours, living freely in the pastures of Maremma, feeding on a rich and nutrient forage that only grows in our area, and gives us, for this reason, such good milk. Try it to believe it!