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Latte Maremma has a great screen presence

We also come on TV!

With the same lively and dynamic style of all Latte Maremma brand new communication,  from April to October on the main private Tuscan broadcasters, RTV38, TV9, TVL, you will hear the bellow of our cow.

In the 10-second mini spots, programmed at peak hours within the tv listing, each subject depicts the products as protagonists and they are presented in their new graphic design with the same “verve” of the Kicking Cow, the symbol in the middle of our brand new logo.

On the background, the landscape characterised by the maritime pines that have always represented the Maremma’s nature, according to our communication.

The secret of the uniqueness of our products. And the claim “MAREMMA CHE GUSTO!” that appears on TV, likewise everywhere else, emphasises the most important reason to prefer our products: goodness.