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Maremma, what a logo!

For a long time, the Latte Maremma Consortium has had a clear, recognisable, established image. So, why change it?

Because Maremma is not a tranquil place, is ill-tempered, but has a big heart. Maremma presents scents and colours that nobody has.

Who lives in Maremma, no matter if men or animals, feels the sea, the land and an ancient volcano like Monte Amiata.

A unique ecosystem that generates uniques products, thanks to the experience of men, the knowledge of the breeders, who succeed each other on the same field, generation after generation, and in their work they retain a genuine artisan soul. 

We believe in all of this, and we decided to turn it into an image that reflects such peculiarity: the one of our animals.

The bond that links us to them is the profound result of the respect of nature, an ancient coexistence, which gives shape to an unmistakable character, made of vitality, dynamism, and love for life.

Hence, we decided to put in the middle of our new logo a happy Kicking Cow.

A not so frequent image, but here in Maremma, more than elsewhere, cows and horses graze freely, and our cows learnt to kick from our horses.

Around it, we designed a scratched graphic, a little rough, as rough but generous is our soul. And we put our new claim that is a hymn, the voice we want to tell to all consumers of ours: “Maremma che gusto!”

And, in the end, only this matters: you taste our products and you think: “How good they are!” This gives us enthusiasm. Hence we wanted an image able to communicate the same pride of originality. And now, we have it!