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Newspapers talk about us, to begin with

Our new identity is no longer a mystery: the happy Kicking Cow is on the pages of Tuscan newspapers.

The same image you will find on the brand new Latte Maremma’s and other Consortium’s packages is the protagonist of the press campaigns that announce the renewal of our brand and our communication.

It is indeed the first act of an articulated plan that will deploy its potentialities along the year. It will cover different touchpoints and meet all those who want to taste, and surely appreciate our products.

The press campaign has as its protagonist the renewed brand identity of Latte Maremma Consortium, and, through the territory, affirms the values that have always been the basis of all the breeders’ work: craftsmanship, authenticity, respect for nature, and unique environmental character. 

All of this gives the Consortium’s products the unmistakable taste of Maremma.