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Maremma che gusto

Latte Maremma has a great screen presence

We also come on TV! With the same lively and dynamic style of all Latte Maremma brand new communication,  from April to October on the main private Tuscan broadcasters, RTV38, […]

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An excellent chance to meet the Latte Maremma’s Cow

The communication campaign of the new image of Latte Maremma keeps on throughout Tuscany, presenting itself directly to the consumer. Between February and May 2020, over 50 days are planned […]

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Maremma, what a logo!

For a long time, the Latte Maremma Consortium has had a clear, recognisable, established image. So, why change it? Because Maremma is not a tranquil place, is ill-tempered, but has […]

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Newspapers talk about us, to begin with

Our new identity is no longer a mystery: the happy Kicking Cow is on the pages of Tuscan newspapers. The same image you will find on the brand new Latte […]

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